Construction Systems / Interior wall
Construction system

Interior wall

Technical details

  1. Fire-resistant plasterboard (GKF): 12.5 mm
  2. OSB board: 12 mm
  3. Wooden load-bearing construction: 100 mm
  4. Thermal and sound insulation (rock wool, λ = 0.038 W/m2K) between load-bearing construction: 60 mm
  5. OSB board: 12 mm
  6. Fire-resistant plasterboard (GKF): 12.5 mm


The load-bearing construction (10cm) of Rihter interior walls has 12mm thick load-bearing boards on both sides with 6cm of thermal and sound insulation inside. The load-bearing boards on both sides greatly increase the stability of the construction by ensuring greater rigidity of the house in case of an earthquake.