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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that record information about a visit to a website.

The interaction between a web user and a website is made faster and simpler through the use of cookies. The website remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences with the help of cookies, which saves time and ensures that browsing is more efficient and pleasant.

There are several reasons for using cookies:
– they save data on the configuration of an individual website (selected language, number of displayed results, font size, etc.);
– they assist in the provision of web services (registration, the content of the shopping cart, subscription to the e-news, playing videos, etc.);
– they help collect data on web users’ habits (number of visits, popular content, etc.) which we use to improve user experience and assess the efficiency of the website’s design.

Cookies on RITHER webpages are configured in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) and General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

Which cookies does the website use?

As we wish to be fully transparent, we have drawn up a full list of cookies used on RIHTER webpages as well as defined their expiration term, data processing purpose and the data controller.


This type of cookies helps us properly display content, enable access to websites and ensure that individual functions of the websites, forms, shopping cart and other essential elements of websites function properly.
Such cookies are only active during the session and do not collect any analytical data or other data about your visit.

Cookie nameExpiration timeData controllerThe purpose of the processing of collected dataThe location of stored cookiesType of cookie
ASP.NET_SessionIdsessionwww.rihter.siIt enables basic functions of the websiteSloveniaHTTP


Analytical Cookies

Data collected via analytical cookies are also available to the provider of Google Analytics, which we use to measure the frequency of visits and use of our websites.
You may decline the use of analytical cookies by changing your web browser settings. If you change settings of your web browser, you may not be able to take the full advantage of all features of this website.
You may also prevent Google from using the cookies by downloading and installing a plug-in for your browser, which is available on the following link:

Cookie nameExpiration timeData controllerThe purpose of the processing of collected dataThe location of stored cookiesType of cookie
_dc_gtm_UA-#sessionwww.rihter.siGoogle Tag Manager manages the uploading of Google Analytics script tags.USAHTTP
_ga2 yearswww.rihter.siIt is used to distinguish users under randomly generated unique IDs.USAHTTP
_gidsessionGoogleThe cookie is used to distinguish users under randomly generated unvaried identifiers.USAHTTP
_gat1 minutewww.rihter.siGoogle Analytics cookies for analysing visits to our website. They track you anonymously and they only recognize activities on our website and not your personal data. Access to data collected via these cookies is not available to third parties.USAHTTP
YSCsessionyoutube.comRegisters unique ID in order to generate statistics regarding which YouTube videos the user already watched.USAHTTP
AMP_TOKENfrom 30 seconds to up to one yearGoogleContains a token that you may use to retrieve client ID from AMP Client ID service. USAHTTP
_gac_90 dayswww.rihter.siThe cookies are used for selecting advertisements most suitable for the user, to improve reporting on the performance of promotional activities and to prevent advertisement that the user already saw from displaying.USAHTTP

Third Person Cookies (Cookies Required for Market Research)

These are analytical and functional cookies that are downloaded to your device by companies such as Facebook and Google. This type of cookies enables the use of plug-ins and functions related to social networks and tracking of your usage of their services.

Cookie name Expiration time Data controller The purpose of the processing of collected data The location of stored cookies Type of cookie
@@History/@@scroll|# permanent They help owners of websites understand how visitors communicate with their websites. USA HTTP
fr 3 months It is used by Facebook to provide third party advertisements. Germany HTTP
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 179 days Tries to assess the users’ bandwidth on websites with integrated YouTube videos. USA HTTP
YSC session Registers the unique ID to generate statistics regarding which YouTube video the user watched and displays the most relevant content and advertisements in the video. USA HTTP
PREF 2 years Records the number of views of an individual video and displays the most relevant content and advertisements in the video according to the user’s preference. USA HTTP
ads/ga-audiences session It is used by Google Adwords to reengage users that are most likely to convert to customers. USA Piksel
ads/user-lists/# session List of users USA Piksel

How to manage or delete cookies?

We will never use cookies to collect data that could be used to identify you; if you wish you can change your cookie settings of the web browser on your computer or mobile device.

The majority of web browsers allow you to accept or decline all cookies or that you accept or decline only a specific type of cookie. You may also delete cookies that the web browser has already stored on your device.

The process of changing cookie settings is different for every web browser. You can find relevant information by clicking on “Help” or by visiting, where this process is clearly described for all modern browsers or you can contact us via e-mail.

You can disable Google Analytics and DoubleClick cookies by following instructions on the following links:

Google Analytics:
Double Click:

You can also change your cookie settings by clicking on the link below:
I decline the use of cookies to ensure better user experience on the website

RIHTER D.O.O. reserves the right to amend this Cookie Policy at any time. Amendments to the existing Cookie Policy will be published as soon as possible on the same place on this website.