Energy-Performance / Materials

Roof Windows

We install roof windows from various manufacturers in all available sizes. Per the investor’s request, we can install interior or exterior shades that can be regulated manually or via an electric switch.

Front Doors

We know that front doors have an important effect on the house’s final appearance. In addition to choosing between different models of front doors in different colours and materials (wood, wood/aluminium, PVC, aluminium), we also provide an individual selection of additional elements such as various glazing, door knobs and handles, lighting and other elements offered by selected manufactures of front doors.

Windows and Balcony Doors

We install high quality windows and balcony doors into Rihter prefabricated houses. You can choose between PVC, wood and wood/aluminium windows in different colours and colour combinations. Furthermore, you can choose between different glazing; we mostly install windows with triple glazing. You can also choose between different types of wood if you choose wooden windows.

Window Ledges

You can choose from various materials such as different natural and artificial stone, wood, aluminium and PVC for interior and exterior window ledges.


We recommend quality exterior shades such as venetian blinds, roller shutters and textile screens. They can be operated manually or via an electric motor

Balcony Rails and French Balcony

Various wooden, inox, glass, or combined designs are available, in line with the investor’s choice