The basic construction system for building nearly zero-energy buildings. It offers excellent utilisation of space and good insulation. The Standard construction system consists of a basic...



The Standard+ system is the upgrade of the Standard system with an even higher level of thermal insulation and comfort of living. This static, incredibly stable system provides excellent fire safety...



This enables the construction of a diffusion-open system, which together with highly-insulating materials provides the highest level of energy-efficiency and comfort of living. The load-bearing...



The Optimal+ system is the upgrade of the Optimal system with thicker construction of the exterior walls and thicker thermal insulation of the roof. In most cases, we meet the standards of passive...



The certificate awarded by the Passivhaus Institute attests that all Rihter houses built in this system are technologically perfected and comply with the highest energy standards. We recommend this...



A fully natural system with built-in natural wood fibre materials. The thermal insulation at a total thickness of 380mm ensures excellent insulation, minimum costs and a healthy living environment....


notranja stena

The load-bearing construction (10cm) of Rihter interior walls has 12mm thick load-bearing boards on both sides with 6cm of thermal and sound insulation inside. The load-bearing boards on both sides...

Interior wall

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Construction Phases

Construction phase IV or externally completed building – up to 120 days from the start of construction:

  • Construction of exterior and interior walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roof construction
  • Installation of pipes in the walls
  • Prefabricated stairs
  • Windows
  • Front door
  • Facade
  • Roofing and tinplate works
  • Internal partition walls
  • Transport
  • Mobile crane
  • Scaffolding
  • Installation

Partial turnkey phase – up to 135 days from the start of construction:

  • Construction phase IV
  • Basic electrical installations (without switches, plugs and wiring of the internal electric cabinet)
  • Basic water-supply installation
  • Heating
  • Screed

Turnkey phase – up to 180 days from the start of construction:

  • Partial key phase
  • Precision electrical installation
  • Painting works
  • Sanitary equipment, fittings and buttons for toilet cisterns
  • Ceramic and parquet works
  • Interior staircases
  • Interior doors
  • Final cleaning of the building