Rihter / About the Company

Vision and Mission

Establishment and Development

We have grown from a small family enterprise to a recognised company that has established itself with its professionalism and commitment in domestic and foreign markets. We are present in the demanding markets of Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Croatia. Numerous years of experience place us among the most recognisable manufacturers of prefabricated residential homes and other buildings. We build them in accordance with the low-energy, passive or zero-energy standard of prefabricated construction for you.

Our quality has been attested by many certificates for all our construction systems, which provide assurance that the construction of a house with our technology is the right and the safest choice. Among all the certificates that we have obtained, the most significant is the European Technical Assessment, which provides the basis for labelling our buildings with the CE mark. We also take great pride in the certificate from the Passivhaus Institut, which proves that our passive buildings are built in accordance with the highest energy standards.