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Experts from various fields are employed at Rihter, so we will happily advise you and answer all your questions about the construction. We will familiarise you with the whole construction process, listen to your wishes and together we will draw up the plans for your dream home. We will also prepare all required project documentation, obtain construction permits and, especially, build your home in a high quality and swift manner, precisely according to plans. During the construction itself, we will not burden you with anything and you will be able to watch, relaxed and without a care, as our house and your home grows right before your eyes. Our work focuses on building individual houses and realising your wishes and needs. Everyone has different, personal wishes and needs when it comes to a living or working environment, therefore we will put all our efforts into realising them as best as possible. We will also make sure that we don’t burden you or waste your precious time.



In order to simplify the construction of the house, we offer you a comprehensive service: from the preparation of project documentation to the handover of a turnkey house. We have our own architectural, project and technological department at Rihter, which provides careful and professional preparation of all required documents and solutions for the construction of the house.

We will prepare the:

  • design concept;
  • documentation for obtaining the building permit (DGD);
  • project implementation plan (PZI);
  • technical documentation;
  • performed works project (PID);
  • documentation for obtaining the operating permit.


When all permits are obtained, the construction can start. Earthworks, preparation of the concrete slab and the basement are usually performed by our customers themselves; however, we can provide these services to you. Assembly of the prefabricated elements follows, up to the construction phase required. You can choose between – construction phase IV, – partial turnkey, – turnkey. At Rihter, we attentively monitor all new technological developments and very carefully and meticulously integrate them into our new projects through our own development. Our company is thoroughly focused on development and that is why we only build technically-perfected construction systems and state-of-the-art house installations, regardless of the architectural design of the house. We prioritise sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly materials that pose no health risks and cause minimum environmental impact in their life cycle. With the help of Rihter technology, which includes implementation of state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical installations, such as compact devices for ventilation and heating, a system of smart installations and a residential solar power system, we already fully meet the concepts of sustainable construction today. We are building future houses for all our customers today, in which they live a cost-effective, healthy, comfortable and happy life, without adverse environmental impacts.



In today’s fast-paced life, when we all have very little free time, we can all too quickly forget about the most precious things. A house is undoubtedly one of the key assets in your life, which needs at least some attention from the owners after they move in. If we wish to maintain the long-term value of the house, we must occasionally examine its key and vital parts in detail and remedy potential faults. The modern nearly zero-energy house is highly technologically advanced and just like all other things, it needs repairs and maintenance. Prevention is always the cheaper option in life; therefore, we recommend that our customers monitor and observe what is happening with their house. We know that this is no simple task, considering the lack of time and knowledge of all the minute details. That is why we decided to assist you.

We offer our clients a maintenance service, where our experts check all key elements of the house. Preventive checks and smaller repairs are planned and recorded after being performed. Thus, we generate a detailed overview of checked elements and remedied faults during regular maintenance. After a longer period, more significant maintenance work is planned, so that your house preserves its value longer.

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